Narcissa Docs
First steps
Follow these first few steps to add your projects to the Narcissa network.

1. Create an Orbit account

The first step is to create an account on Orbit. This tool is the most reliable and secure Web2 community analytics tool. We use it for the off-chain analytics to provide high quality and reliability.
If you want to learn more about Orbit, read our "Orbit overview" page.

2. Make us collaborators

We need you to add us as collaborator to setup community goals and airdrop Productivity Tokens to your members. You can revert the integration at any time.

2.a. On your Orbit dashboard, go to "Collaborators" in "Settings"

2.b. Make "" an acceptable domain

First click on the button to add collaborators to your workspace.
Then add to the list of "Acceptable domains".

3. Create and send us your Workspace Token

3.a. Create your Workspace API Token

First go to "API Tokens" and then click "New API Token".
Call your token whatever, then click on create.

3.b. Send us your API Token

Click on the token you just created.
Copy your token.

4.Connect Orbit to the apps where your community lives

The integration panel on Orbit is just underneath the collaborators. Click on "Integrations". Then add all the apps you want. Your community members on these apps will become eligible to Productivity Token airdrops.
Today you can add Twitter, GitHub, Slack, Discord and Discourse. Most of those integrations are plug-and-play. Click on the logo of the app you want to integrate and follow the tutorial made by the Orbit team. We will soon add custom support for Stack Overflow.
If you have any question, feel free to reach out to [email protected] or directly via Telegram. We will be happy to help you setup your Orbit workspace.