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The World of Narcissa

The Story Of Princess Narcissa takes place around the year 2690. Our part of the Galaxy, the Orion Arm, has been invaded and dominated by the evil Emperor Narcissus who corrupted human minds with his malefic potions.

For 80 years now he has stopped innovation and progress in the galaxy, by centralizing all production. Some courageous and very smart humans achieved to stay away from Emperor Narcissusโ€™s potions, and constituted a secret Rebellion to fight him. Their biggest weapon will be Princess Narcissa, a super woman they created thanks to smart enchantments and genetical implements.

Princess Narcissa represents a metaphor for the decentralization and the freedom it gives to all processes. Her story told through a novel, tweets, illustrations, and games (in the future) aims at sharing the values of crypto and decentralization to a broad audience.

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