๐ŸŒŒOrbit overview


Orbit is one the most popular Web2 community analytics tool. It is built to help you understand relationships in your community, treating people as part of a network instead of as rows in a database.

Here is a statement from the Orbit team:

"Orbit is made by community builders like you, who understand the power of community. We want to help you deliver a stellar member experience, quantify your business impact, and become community-driven."

Reliable and secure

This project is already a very successful product. That is the reason we picked Orbit as a data provider, they are reliable, fast and extremely secure.

Some numbers:

  • Orbit's team is 45 people

  • They raised $19M

  • Already 4,500+ communities trust them

Scroll down a bit on that page to meet the team.

The Orbit Model

The Orbit team has developed a unique way to measure and display the engagement of community members. They call it Gravity, and in summary, it is a combination of members' Love (how active they are in the community) and their Reach (how much influence, followers, etc.) they have.

Below are two links to an illustrated walk through of the Orbit Model and the original GitHub doc that launched the project.

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