Narcissa Docs
This roadmap is an overview of the things we plan to build over the next 2 quarters. Projects might change and get re-planned. We will dynamically adjust for the unexpected here.

The next 6 months

Web2 integrations

To make Productivity Tokens that accurately describe the state of a community, we need to integrate support for the various web2 platform where a community lives today.
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • GitHub
  • Discourse
  • (50%) Stack Overflow
  • Youtube
  • Reddit

Web3 integrations

We also need to support in depth on-chain analytics โ€“ย each time building custom tools to support different types of projects.
EVM compatible chains:
  • (66%) NFTs
  • GameFi
  • DeFi
  • Others
Non EVM compatible chains:

Productivity Tokens

Then we need to have a contract factory to create a custom ERC-20Mintable (or non EVM equivalent) for every project that desires to distribute Productivity Tokens to its members.
  • (25%) Contract Factory
  • Airdrops setup
  • Test Tokens
  • Community audit
  • Professional audit

Community Forums

Lastly we need a robust platform where users can interact, asking questions, giving feedback, posting tutorials and voting on proposals. All their actions are believability weighted based on the amount of Productivity Tokens they received.
  • (75%) Q&As (technical and product questions)
  • Product and community feedback
  • Publishing tutorials
  • Posting & voting on Improvement Proposals


Our personal hobby is to make a cool background story and universe around Narcissa. Decentralization and productivity-based systems have a lot of potential to improve human conditions. We believe that every day shows freedom and meritocracy becoming more and more important. Governments and people are becoming more and more authoritarians, in insidious ways. Princess Narcissa is a fighter for freedom and will fight to destroy the evil Emperor Narcissus, centralizer en chef. She will evolve across a book, a NFT collection and a browser strategy game. With our stories, we hope me make more people care about freedom and privacy.
  • (50%) Princess Narcissa NFTs
  • (2/10) First 10 chapters of the Lore
  • Galactic strategy & staking game
  • Emperor Narcissus NFT
  • Chapters 10 to 20 of the Lore