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EVM chains
An overview of the type of data we would like to support.
We are currently building scrapers and indexers. Our first experiments are with NFT collections on the Avalanche and Ethereum chains. The goal is to create a tool as good as Mixpanel is to analyze Web2, but for Web3.
Mixpanel is this great tool to analyze what users are doing on a website. It's very handy to figure out what's good and what's less good in order to improve the product. Where is the Mixpanel of Web3?

For NFT projects, DeFi projects and Games

  1. 1.
    Information about your community:
    • which NFTs each member holds
    • how long have members been in your community
    • who are the most active swapers, stakers, etc.
  2. 2.
    Information about other communities:
    • who are your competing with, and how well are you doing
    • how are your rivals doing, what's their metrics, status, etc.
    • who in your community is also in this other community
  3. 3.
    Identification of the most important users:
    • who are the whales you should target
    • who are the key buyers from your community
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