Narcissa Docs
The basics
Who says what about who? Every small shout out is a contribution to the reach of a product, how come we have no idea who does what, and for who?
Most giveaways are scammy, obscure and random. Most airdrop whitelist criteria are rough. Or to put it simply, everything is very badly optimized. Decisions on who to reward should be based on clear data models reflecting the real activity of users, not randomness and hunches.
Narcissa offers in depth analytics for what everybody in a community is saying. We focus especially around two core aspects: who is making the community lively, and who is reaching new members.
These analytics are mapped to a clear distribution score for each member of a community. This community score (soon to be replaced by an Activity Token) is the tool you can use to drive more liveliness and expansion for your community. We tell you who you should reward, and then give you the tool to reward them.
The more a community member is useful, the more you reward them. You can setup goals for your community that will influence how they increase their contribution score. Goals can be precise, broad, or evolving. Community members have fun, trust the process because it is data-driven and transparent, and as they see live their contribution score evolving, want to help out even more!
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